Bring on Spring

The warm spring weather brings with it a burst of colour, life and energy. If you're looking for some ways to incorporate spring into your home, consider these ideas!

Beautiful Bedroom
Image by Saw Nail & Paint

Create a spring mantle
A spring mantle can be created using fresh flowers, or silk flowers. Use a spring-themed vase and add accessories like birdcages and bird feeders to fill out the look.

Arrange spring flowers in glass jars
Arrange seasonal flowers in glass jars around your home, or in light coloured vases. One of our favourite seasonal flowers that has begun to pop up around town is Peonies. 

Plant daffodils and tulips indoors
Daffodils and tulips are easy to grow indoors, so you can enjoy their bright colours the minute you step into your home. 
They'll also bloom again in the fall. To plant daffodils and tulips:
  • Fill a container with potting soil, making sure there's enough room for the bulbs at their maximum depth (usually around 4 inches). For example, if your bulbs are 5 inches deep then you would want to use a 6-inch pot or tray for them to grow successfully. If using trays instead of pots, look for something that has drainage holes on its bottom so water doesn't pool up inside it when watering time comes around! Once filled with soil mix gently before adding in those beautiful flowers.
  • Place each bulb into its own hole within the soil mixture--don't worry if they don't go all the way down because they'll still grow just fine. 
Display indoor potted plants near your front door
Indoor potted plants are a great way to add colour and life to your home. Fun fact: they can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which helps improve air quality. If you want to add some greenery to your space but don't have enough time for gardening (or even if you do), try adding indoor potted plants near your front door. This is an easy way for guests walking into or out of your house to see something green that doesn't require much maintenance from you--and it'll make them feel like they're stepping into nature when they enter or exit through this area.
    Spring home decorations can be as simple or fancy as you want them to be
    One of our favourite things to do around spring is to of course clear away any lingering winter decor items and substitute in everything linen or silk, refresh pillow cases and throws to lighter pastel colours, and add flowers wherever possible. The predictions for 2023 spring home decor are for individuals to bring relaxation and tranquility into each space through decor - think about what this means to you and how you can make each space in your home more calming!

    Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you to get creative with your spring home decorations!