DIY Games for Kids

With Fall in full swing, having your kids spend a lot of time playing outdoors is coming to an end. That's why we have compiled a list of easy, DIY activities and games to do with your kids at home this season!

DIY Kids Photo Memory Game
We love this idea for keeping the kiddos entertained this Fall. It is also a great idea to keep the kids familiar with friends and family that live far away. Check out the full tutorial here!

Photo: Elise Blaha Cripe at Enjoy it Blog

Paper Plate Tic Tac Toe
The most iconic childhood game made out of simple household objects!
Photo: Learn with Play at Home

Balloon Tennis
If you're looking for a way to get the kids to burn some energy while not jeopardizing your home, we love indoor balloon tennis.
Using a balloon can give you a sigh of relief knowing your house won't be disturbed while the kids get to have fun, and burn off some energy. We'd recommend playing this game in an open space in your house! Check out Little Bins for Little Hands to see how much fun this can be.

2 ingredient playdough
Using just two ingredients that you already have lying around your home, you can create hours of fun and creativity for your little ones. Want to learn more? Click here!

Paper Plane Target Practice
Does anything scream childhood quite like folding a paper plane? With just a few household items you can create an awesome paper plane target! We don't think this one will be just for the kids, it definitely reminds us of games we played in our childhood and we'd love to get in on the action. You can find the full tutorial here.

Masking Tape Maze
We know you must have the items for this laying around somewhere! This game is not only fun and easy, but is extremely low maintenance to set up and take down. We recommend taking turns with your kids in creating a maze for each other to work through. 

Indoor Solo Cup Bowling
Who doesn't love bowling? Check out how to make this DIY bowling alley at home!

DIY Ring Toss
You can make your own brightly coloured rings and decorate them to your liking, then set up this game using more household items. You'll need paper plates, cardboard tubes (we suggest using the end of a paper towel roll), paint, scissors, paint brushes, glue, and anything else you'd like to include in order to decorate the rings.

Ingredient Painting
We love making things at home, and the fact that this paint recipe is non-toxic is a big green tick in our books! Take a look at this awesome 3 ingredient paint recipe and get started!

Easy Homemade Bouncy Balls
Bouncy Balls are a childhood staple, and now you can make them yourself at home! This simple recipe is a great way to bond with the kids, and allow their creativity to flourish. Find the recipe here!
We hope you enjoy these fun activities with your families this long weekend!

Stay safe & happy Thanksgiving.